4 Christmas Gifts for The Stylish Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift

The hardest person to Christmas shop for is the friend that has everything. I have many of those on my Christmas list. I could take the easy route and give them a gift card; however, I’m a stickler for thoughtful gifts. Here are 5 gift options for the woman that has everything.

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Glow up with the Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator

Glow Up

“Do whatever makes your spirit glow out loud” ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim Skincare Discipline My daughter is the most disciplined and consistent person I know when it comes to skincare.  She will jump up at 3am to wash her face if she happens to fall asleep with make-up! I can only ever be half as diligent […]

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When tracksuit pants strut the streets as tuxedo pants


Tracksuit pants to tuxedo pants So I wore my joggers as tuxedo pants. They weren’t just any joggers however but tracksuit pants – yes the plot thickens. October’s InStyle issue showcased “Team Players” in tracksuits. If you know me I live in heels and I am not a tracksuit wearing kind of girl. My daughter […]

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3 times a kimono can transform your outfit


Kimono Love I am in love with the kimono. They make such a perfect piece to transition into fall, but truth be told what I really like about them is how quickly they can transform an everyday look into something spectacular and how versatile they are. The whole idea that you should just wear them […]

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