My stylish valentine

ASOS – pink dress    ASOS- alternate pink dress Dillards – black oxfords    Zara – alternate black and white blouse   BCBG – red shoes BCBG – black shoes  Gracia – alternate black dress “Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow flow, straight to my lovers heart…” I am actually singing this as I […]

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Color me beautiful

CeCe Lace Ruffled Bib Tie-Neck Blouse   Alternate Skirt  Alternate Clutch People often talk about adding a pop of color. For me, I’d live in color and my pop would be some more color!! Color with a side of color please? So the colors in this outfit make me happy. And then the details, the details […]

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My Boyfriend “Lou” – Red Sole Shoes

Alternate Christian Louboutin (here) I’m not sure my husband knew what he was getting into when he introduced me to Lou. I’ve been looking at and longing to meet Lou for years. There’s just something about the red glint of his sole that I knew I’d never want to let him go. After all, sole […]

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