Handbag Designer Alexandria Alli: Just Start

Handbag Designer Alexandria Alli

Just start. That’s Houston born designer Alexandria Alli’s go to phrase and the approach she took with her handbag collection F&W Style. Many of us have dreams that we hide, waiting for the right time to hatch them. Often times however, they never hatch because we talk ourselves out of them. Not so with Alex. […]

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Fashion Blogger Elena: Everything from Nothing

Fashion Blogger Elena

Elena’s Story – everything from nothing When you listen to fashion blogger Elena (or Cheetahtalkymas as we know her) talk about her family, her voice changes. You can just tell how much she loves and admires her parents — and rightfully so. Forty years ago her parents migrated from  Mexico to the United States. At […]

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The “Polished Professional”: Dressing for success

The "Polished Professional": Dressing for success

“MEL” or Polished Professionals as we  know her is the epitome of class and  grace.  Her chosen  Instagram name fits her perfectly as I’ve never seen her veer from  her personal brand. No ripped jeans for MEL! Given her chosen profession you’d quickly assume her attire is as a result of  her  legal profession. For […]

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