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When sneakers fly: Nike Pegasus

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

So somehow running evolved into a high jump – several high jumps actually. After all who can resist a flying leap over a fountain even if just figuratively — especially while wearing your Nike Air Zoom Pegasus and cute athletic wear? Added to that according to Greek mythology Pegasus was a winged stallion. So “flying”

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It’s a mixed denim party

Last week  I shared that denim on denim is a definite do  and we looked at tips on pulling off this growing trend. This week I actually dabbled some more in denim and you get a visual display of my denim party — pairing chambray with white jeans – dressed up or down!  I put

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Taking your workout style to brunch

Raise your hand if working out gets you excited!!!  Welp…. that’s what I thought. You’d have to admit though that workout clothes these days are rather snazzy and do inspire a sweat or two…well maybe just some misting!  So much so that you can probably go from the gym and to brunch with girlfriends quite

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Easy, Breezy, Comfortable: Workout Clothes

The moment ‘Athleisure’ became a style category, I jumped on board immediately. People are no longer being judged for wearing their workout clothes to run errands. My mom would always tell me to “go put on real clothes” whenever we went out, but now athletic clothes have finally made the cut. Comfort and functionality are

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