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Fashionable and Fashioned for learning

One thing that’s clear about Joy or Afrostylicity as we know her on instagram is that she’s an over achiever. Joy and her family migrated to the United States from Kenya for school. Being an immigrant myself I understand the challenges of a new culture and way of life. I understand too how these challenges

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Balancing the law and fashion

Pajamas — good pajamas to be specific — are one of the things that  Cyran (pronounced Kiran) loves. It’s funny too that this stood out to me. That and the exact pronunciation of her name. What it revealed though is how laid back and relatable she is. Many of  us as women can identify as

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5 Tips for my younger blogging self

The proliferation  of social media with Instagram, Twitter and the like have changed the way we experience fashion – – browsing  and buying.  I had the opportunity to ask fashion blogger Psyche Southwell, creator and editor of Economy of Style what wisdom she would share with her younger blogging self a she started her fashion

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