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The “Polished Professional”: Dressing for success

The "Polished Professional": Dressing for success

“MEL” or Polished Professionals as we  know her is the epitome of class and  grace.  Her chosen  Instagram name fits her perfectly as I’ve never seen her veer from  her personal brand. No ripped jeans for MEL! Given her chosen profession you’d quickly assume her attire is as a result of  her  legal profession. For

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The Tailored Pants

Tailored Pants - Banana Republic Sloan

Growing up I used to read a lot of Danielle Steele novels. One story in particular  the heroine never wore jeans or even sneakers for that matter. She always wore tailored pants. If you know anything about Danielle Steele novels you know her characters were always classy, well educated and well traveled. I remember thinking

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11 picks from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Soooooo it’s a long weekend. We all know this translates into at least a little bit (or a lot) of shopping especially if Nordstrom is having its half yearly sale!!! I’ve shared my top picks with you all under $50.00!!! You cannot beat that! These $28.00 jeans and that red tassel necklace are begging for

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Haute Step Hems and Holes: Jeans Today

Step hem jeans

Step hems and holes in jeans are a do! Recently however while skimming through instagram I saw a post of some really holey jeans with the step hem. I’m not talking ripped or frayed but huge holes – rat bitten almost. And they looked oh so haute!  I couldn’t help but ask myself when did

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Rolling out the white for spring

It’s funny how a single color could herald a season. Yes I know the rule of no white after  Labor Day has long been defunct yet white for spring and especially summer is till the popular thing to do. Interestingly enough a recent article from Refinery 29 called white Spring’s Fail-Safe Color. Being from the

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Take Bright Pants to the Office

I never need an excuse to wear color. Not even to the office. However if we need an excuse, spring definitely throws the door wide open for us to explore all the colors in the spectrum. Let’s face it grays, blacks, and browns become so monotonous. If you want to mix color into your work

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Balancing the law and fashion

Pajamas — good pajamas to be specific — are one of the things that  Cyran (pronounced Kiran) loves. It’s funny too that this stood out to me. That and the exact pronunciation of her name. What it revealed though is how laid back and relatable she is. Many of  us as women can identify as

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Adding flair to pinstripes

Stripes are everywhere  especially blue pinstripes.  Don’t ignore that traditional pinstripe suit you have stashed in the back of your closet though! Though typically considered a conservative business staple you can add your own personal flair to pin stripes to elevate the look for the office. Or borrow a page from Selena Gomez and Bella

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It’s a mixed denim party

Last week  I shared that denim on denim is a definite do  and we looked at tips on pulling off this growing trend. This week I actually dabbled some more in denim and you get a visual display of my denim party — pairing chambray with white jeans – dressed up or down!  I put

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