Tailored Pants - Banana Republic Sloan

The Tailored Pants


Tailored Pants - Banana Republic SloanGrowing up I used to read a lot of Danielle Steele novels. One story in particular  the heroine never wore jeans or even sneakers for that matter. She always wore tailored pants. If you know anything about Danielle Steele novels you know her characters were always classy, well educated and well traveled. I remember thinking that I wanted to be that woman.

Unwittingly today my wardrobe is filled with tailored pants. They’re not just relegated to the office either. You can easily dress down a tailored pants with a simple tee or even cute kicks for a casual chic look. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear jeans, (I’m working on my collection as my daughter turns up her nose at my jeans) but when you find that perfect pair of slacks it becomes a staple in your wardrobe and your everyday “jeans”.  My favorite tailored slacks are from theLimited  (lets pauBanse for a moment as I’m still mourning their closing) and then my next favorite are the  Banana Republic Sloan pants. Right now I see many cute ones marked down plus you can use the BRSURPRISE promo code to get 35% off!

What I wore:

Banana Republic Sloan Pants (different pattern)

theLimited Blouse (old) – similar here

Black toes out shoes (old) – similar here

Black Antonio Melani Bag (old) –similar here

Tailored Pants - Banana Republic SloanTailored Pants - Banana Republic SloanTailored Pants - Banana Republic SloanTailored Pants - Banana Republic SloanTailored Pants - Banana Republic Sloan

You can see how else I styled these tailored pants here! You can shop these tailored pants and my entire look.




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