Rolling out the white for spring


It’s funny how a single color could herald a season. Yes I know the rule of no white after  Labor Day has long been defunct yet white for spring and especially summer is till the popular thing to do. Interestingly enough a recent article from Refinery 29 called white Spring’s Fail-Safe Color.

Being from the Caribbean there were never any rules about wearing white and there were white out parties at every turn.   As a matter of fact in the Caribbean, white year round is a win! With the seasonality of the United States however, we change colors to suit the season.  There’s some unwritten law I suppose. Needless to say, I was quite happy to slide into these white pants that have been sitting in my closet since last summer.  I paired it with an absolutely gorgeous Gracia top. Unfortunately it’s an old top though they always have cute clothes for you to choose from. So hello spring, hello sun and hellllllooooooo white style! You can shop my look here!

What I wore:

White pants option

Mint top option

White Pants 3White Pants 2White Pants 4White Pants 1White Pants

Let me know if you recreate this look! Shop my look here!

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