Greenery: the pantone color of the year

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The PANTONE color of the year is greenery, “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive.” With spring firmly upon us I know women across the globe are scurrying to fill their closets with cute green outfits — well maybe strolling. Ha! Do you ever wonder however how they choose the colors?  Each year without fail I wonder how they determine the color and then who is the creative genius behind the names? The names are almost akin to lipsticks or even nail polish colors — that conversation, however, is for another day!

I’d be the first to admit that my closet is not heavy on greenery, or any shade of green for that matter. I did however pull out this little green dress that’s very comfy, and so easy to wear. I’d hope we all have one of these no fuss dresses in our closet for those days where we have zero effort to put into our attire but still want to look cute. I could have opted for heels here, but in my no fuss mode I slipped my feet into these snazzy toe ring sandals. (similar here) To finish the look a scarf became my belt. Ta dah!  It’s not the right shade of green but no matter the shade I’m still ready for my “larger purpose.” Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute said, “greenery symbolizes the re-connection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” Funnily enough that message and the untold story in the mural seem quite fitting.

Today for me though, my larger purpose is that my life, my actions, my attitude and my testimony share the Gospel of Christ “who will have all men to be saved.” 1 Tim. 2:4


What I wore:

Green dress: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3   Sandals: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3




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