The Active Woman’s Christmas List: 4 Things She Wants

Active Woman

No matter who you’re shopping for gift buying can be quite challenging. I like to get hints all throughout the year and not wait to rack my brain in December. Unfortunately, some people buy their needs/wants immediately so you don’t have a chance to surprise them with an “I was listening, I know you want […]

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4 Christmas Gifts for The Stylish Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift

The hardest person to Christmas shop for is the friend that has everything. I have many of those on my Christmas list. I could take the easy route and give them a gift card; however, I’m a stickler for thoughtful gifts. Here are 5 gift options for the woman that has everything.

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Glow up with the Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator

Glow Up

“Do whatever makes your spirit glow out loud” ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim Skincare Discipline My daughter is the most disciplined and consistent person I know when it comes to skincare.  She will jump up at 3am to wash her face if she happens to fall asleep with make-up! I can only ever be half as diligent […]

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Are you pursuing your passion?

This past week I had the opportunity to interview Hannah Florman about her move from corporate America into the world of jewelry design. Corporate litigation and jewels just didn’t seem to fit in the same sentence — until Hannah shared her story. Her message was so powerful in it’s simplicity — “your work in life […]

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