Making lemonade: How artist and fashion designer Molly Sydnor used her lemons

Making Lemonade Fashion

If you’ve never seen someone take lemons and make lemonade you just need to take one look at artist and designer Molly Sydnor. As a young girl Molly was an athlete and had every intention of going to college on a volleyball or basketball scholarship. So much so that even today some of her favorite […]

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Style Blogger ‘Baily Lamb’ shares her story

style blogger

  The Style Blogger behind Baily Lamb “The only way any business can be successful is if you put every hour of your time into it.” Style blogger and dog lover Emily or Baily Lamb as we know her lives by this mantra. Given her success style blogger and her numerous collaborations, her approach to […]

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The Wide Leg Pant is Here, Move over Skinny Legs

wide leg pant

After a lengthy stint with the skinny leg pant fashion savvy women AND men (ask Russell Westbrook as he recently donned some wide leg pants) are embracing the wide leg pant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that skinny leg pants are out. However, we just need to make some room in our closets […]

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Handbag Designer Alexandria Alli: Just Start

Handbag Designer Alexandria Alli

Just start. That’s Houston born designer Alexandria Alli’s go to phrase and the approach she took with her handbag collection F&W Style. Many of us have dreams that we hide, waiting for the right time to hatch them. Often times however, they never hatch because we talk ourselves out of them. Not so with Alex. […]

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