Is Instagram a fashion blogger bubble?


Instagram Blogger Bubble Is Instagram a blogger bubble? Today Heather Lundy creator of HerCommonThread shared some powerful truths on her Instastory. (You have to listen to it and do follow her!)  She spoke about her frustration with fashion blogging where Instagram engagement seemly comes only from other bloggers and we’re constantly buying new outfits just […]

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Fashion Blogger Elena: Everything from Nothing

Fashion Blogger Elena

Elena’s Story – everything from nothing When you listen to fashion blogger Elena (or Cheetahtalkymas as we know her) talk about her family, her voice changes. You can just tell how much she loves and admires her parents — and rightfully so. Forty years ago her parents migrated from  Mexico to the United States. At […]

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Fashionable and Fashioned for learning

One thing that’s clear about Joy or Afrostylicity as we know her on instagram is that she’s an over achiever. Joy and her family migrated to the United States from Kenya for school. Being an immigrant myself I understand the challenges of a new culture and way of life. I understand too how these challenges […]

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