Fashionable and Fashioned for learning

One thing that’s clear about Joy or Afrostylicity as we know her on instagram is that she’s an over achiever. Joy and her family migrated to the United States from Kenya for school. Being an immigrant myself I understand the challenges of a new culture and way of life. I understand too how these challenges […]

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Annie Spano: Cultivating a new norm with Style Collective

“You don’t need to be competitive to make it to the top, you can be supportive of others while still fighting for your success every single day.” This is Annie Spano’s message to women everywhere and especially Style Collective , a platform for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and […]

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Blog writing tips from a best selling author

Karolyne Roberts, best selling author on Amazon and the founder of The Writers Retreat insists that she is a simple woman — “just a little lip balm.” Looking at how stunning she is you’d agree that she needs no make-up. What’s most obvious about Karolyne however, is her beautiful spirit. You can sense it in her […]

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