3 times summer fashion got dressed in winter

Have you ever had a Tim Gunn make it work moment??? Well I had one just recently.my husband said to me, “oh by the way we have a party to go to tomorrow and the colors are blue and silver. And it’s formal.” We have what????  I couldn’t do anything else but laugh as he […]

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Easy, Breezy, Comfortable: Workout Clothes

The moment ‘Athleisure’ became a style category, I jumped on board immediately. People are no longer being judged for wearing their workout clothes to run errands. My mom would always tell me to “go put on real clothes” whenever we went out, but now athletic clothes have finally made the cut. Comfort and functionality are […]

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My stylish valentine

ASOS – pink dress    ASOS- alternate pink dress Dillards – black oxfords    Zara – alternate black and white blouse   BCBG – red shoes BCBG – black shoes  Gracia – alternate black dress “Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow flow, straight to my lovers heart…” I am actually singing this as I […]

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