The Active Woman’s Christmas List: 4 Things She Wants

Active Woman

No matter who you’re shopping for gift buying can be quite challenging. I like to get hints all throughout the year and not wait to rack my brain in December. Unfortunately, some people buy their needs/wants immediately so you don’t have a chance to surprise them with an “I was listening, I know you want […]

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4 Christmas Gifts for The Stylish Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift

The hardest person to Christmas shop for is the friend that has everything. I have many of those on my Christmas list. I could take the easy route and give them a gift card; however, I’m a stickler for thoughtful gifts. Here are 5 gift options for the woman that has everything.

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Wardrobe recycling with the Who What Wear Collection from Target

Wardrobe Recycling

Wardrobe recycling  is not something I just learned but a lesson my Mom taught me as a child. Money was always tight so my mom sewed most of my clothes including my school uniform. I remember for high school we had to wear navy pleated skirts. She made my skirt extra long because she wanted […]

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The Wide Leg Pant is Here, Move over Skinny Legs

wide leg pant

After a lengthy stint with the skinny leg pant fashion savvy women AND men (ask Russell Westbrook as he recently donned some wide leg pants) are embracing the wide leg pant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that skinny leg pants are out. However, we just need to make some room in our closets […]

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