The Embroidered Amor and Rosas Anguilla Shirt – Valentines Giveaway

Embroidered Amor and Rosas Shirt

Embroidered Anguilla Shirt

Today the embroidered Amor & Rosas Anguilla shirt is up for grabs in our giveaway! Our one year anniversary celebration is in full swing where we are sharing with you some of our favorite brands. Amor and Rosas is right up there on the list! I’ve shared this before however what I love most about the Amor and Rosas brand is that their “products are made by women, for women, with love.” More importantly they highlight their artisans as integral parts of their business. As such two of our followers can win the beautiful heart embroidered Anguilla shirt! Everyone can also use the code FASHNCURIOUS and get 20% off in the entire store plus free shipping. Whutttttt!!!! You’re welcome!!!


 Early Lessons

Recently My daughter sent me a #TBT highlighting clothing she thought I used to wear as a child.  Funnily enough I did not know the brand that she was talking about. Growing up in the Caribbean my mom made most of my clothes and even embroidered them. From my school uniforms to my church clothes. I remember too excelling at needle work in our Home Economics class as I had an early start.

Childhood Memories

I look at the beautiful embroidery of the Amor & Rosa’s shirt and it floods my thoughts with childhood memories. The pink beating heart is perfect in so many ways and makes for a great gift for a best friend, a cancer survivor, or just for you to wear in honor of someone special. Of course you can rock it just to rock it. The sentimental me however I wear my embroidered heart close to my heart remembering my mom who taught me to embroider as a little girl.

What’s really fabulous about this shirt too is that you can style it so many ways!!!! Remember too the code FASHNCURIOUS gets you 20% off the entire store plus free shipping. Head to our Instagram to enter the giveaway! The giveaway ends Feb 17th at 9PM CST and the winner will be chosen using and announced shortly thereafter. Happy Valentine’s Day and GOOD LUCK


Embroidered Amor and Rosas Shirt   Embroidered Amor and Rosas Shirt Embroidered Amor and Rosas Shirt Embroidered Amor and Rosas Shirt

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