4 Galentine Gift Ideas for your Favorite Girlfriend!


The first day I met my favorite galentine she asked me (quite rudely) If I could fix my own hair because she wasn’t going to be doing it. Uhmmmmm (fill in choice word) did I ask you to fix my hair? She was my college roommate and I later found out that she had been fixing her mom’s hair and was looking forward to relinquishing that responsibility. Interestingly enough we became fast friends and yes she became my college hairdresser! HA!

When I think of galentine’s day gifts I think of meaningful things that speak to our friendship and things that would make her smile.  Here are some ideas to make your galentine smile!

Bag in hand

A new handbag. I’m pretty sure the only time my bestie gets a new handbag is when I buy it for her! Perhaps you’re the fashionista in your duo so you can help her out in this area. And if she is more of the fabulous yet functional kind of handbag girl, I shared options for that as well!

Galentine Story

I love giving personalized gifts. So a charm bracelet with charms that tell the story of your friendship.

Under things

If your galentine has penchant for sleeping in tee shirts, I’m sure her hubby would be happy if you got her cute little nothings! We all need these don’t we? And not just for Valentine’s Day. I found the cutest silk camisole and undies at Uwila Warrior! And they are super comfortable and wedgie proof! You can shop all seven colors directly from Uwila Warrior!

Galentine GiftGalentine Gift


A lil something

And then there’s that cute little gift that just speaks to the heart. I’m a sucker for those. I’m pretty sure your galentine would be too!

What are your galentine gift ideas? Id love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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