5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is racing to our doorsteps with its flower and chocolate deliveries. If you haven’t already picked out your outfit I know you’re scouring your closet (I know I’m digging in mine!) and the stores. I’ve done some of the leg work for you with these 5 outfit ideas.

Valentine’s Day Colors

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

You can stick to the typical Valentine’s Day palette and wear pink or red or for a fresh take wear them together! Shop the look below.

Temper the Red

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

If you don’t want to wear all red you can temper it with black or gray. A beautiful red skirt or pant with a statement black top or sweater depending on the weather.

Soft Palette

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

I love red, so it’s never a struggle to wear red on Valentine’s Day. If you’re not keen on red or pink for that matter find a soft color and rock it! Lavender, blush or even a pale gray would be beautiful.

Elegant Black

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

The elegance of all black is always a win even on Valentine’s Day. To add some pizazz to your outfit, throw in some fun shoes or another cool accessory.

Be You

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

My favorite option for Valentine’s Day however is to not dress for the day but to dress for you. Whatever you’d normally wear, wear that! Add a touch of red to it perhaps and let that be your Valentine’s Day outfit.



What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day! Do share! You can also shop my choices below!


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  1. I love all of these Valentine’s Day outfit ideas! That first dress with the red coat is beautiful. I’m not sure what I’ll be wearing yet, but it will most likely be something pink!

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