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“Character is the ability to carry out good resolutions long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” ~ Cavett Robert

While thinking of the resolutions and goals I wanted to set for myself for this year, I ran into Cavett Robert’s quote. It made me pause and really think of my goals as I know many years I set goals and by March I’ve fallen off the wagon. This year, I intend to change that.

Have you ever watched a marathon or the Olympics when they an athlete even after running around the track a million times (yes sometimes it seems like a million times) that they still sprint to the finish line? Well this year the same intensity that I start my 2018 race I want to be sprinting come December 31st 2018. Here are some of my resolutions for 2018.




Hide myself in the Word

Every year I vow to read the entire Bible and every year I skip a chapter or two, or 8 or sometimes an entire book! This year I’ve just got to get to do it! I want to be guilty of having read the entire Bible.

Pray without ceasing

Prayer is truly my life line. The Bible says, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” I can never pray enough. So this year I want to bruise my knees and seek God’s face even more.


I’d like to work on my money management skills and make some targeted investments. However beyond money I’d like invest:

  • More in myself
  • In my family
  • Time in my blog

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Lord knows this would be the kicker. There’s always a fall off gap of two or three months. I aim to stay consistent this year. Even if I have to stalk Katy Hearn and Massy Arias for inspiration this year we are doing this!!!

Mascara and Lip gloss resolutions

I actually started this mission at the end of last year. Taking better care of my skin is a priority this year. I want my face to have such a glow that all I need is mascara and lip gloss!

Less “sleep”

My husband always says, “nothing comes to a sleeping man but a dream” [Yes he wakes up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday — whuuuut!]  I’m using this as my inspiration not to lessen my actual sleep but to lessen the time that I spend doing frivolous things.

What are your resolutions for 2018? You can shop my look including similar fabulous vest here or below!

Resolutions Resolutions

Photos taken at our Thread Heads Photo Shoot by: Michelle Perez Photography and Opal & Onyz Photography


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