Livin’ on a Prayer and The Ruby’s Rubbish T-shirt

Livin on a prayer

Prayer as a Staple

Prayer is my essential nutrient – it really is. I’ve shared with you before that my Mom’s go to phrase is “just pray” She taught us to pray daily and have devotions.  Being raised on and doing something however are two different things! While studying for my undergraduate degree I remember calling her from a phone booth in the student center (I am aging myself – but this was before cellphones!) because I needed money to pay a bill. Her response to me then was “just pray, just pray.” I was so annoyed and frustrated with her. I didn’t need prayer, I needed money. I’m teary eyed writing this as I think of how right she was then. I can’t help but wonder how different my life would have been if I’d listened to Mommy a little more and sooner. In college however, I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do and a relationship with God was on the back burner.

livin on a prayer

Cast all your cares

Don’t get me wrong, I still went to church. However daily devotions and prayer were not even in the cards during undergraduate. I had one foot in the church and one foot in the world. Thankfully however I didn’t stray so far that I couldn’t get back and when I had my daughter I tried to instill the same values in her. On days when we were running late we’d pray in the car on the way to school. I literally pray about everything. Just this past weekend on the way to a StyleCollective meetup at the Theodore in Dallas we drove around for about 15 minutes looking for parking. We tried to valet park and just before they got to my car they pulled out the sign — “Valet is Full.” WhUUUUUUUtttttt ! (Yes, what has a U sometimes). With options slim and now late to meet the Banana Republic Stylist I said a prayer “Lord please help us to find a park.”

Park Here

Not even 30 seconds later we saw a lady motioning to us to show us where her car was parked. I turned to my blogger friend Ally and said, “Isn’t God good”!!! Fittingly I was wearing my “Livin’ on a prayer” t-shirt from Ruby’s Rubbish. Honestly speaking I love 98% of the t-shirts they sell. Their sayings are so quirky and fun with powerful messages. Their packaging is cute too and my t-shirt came with a post card that said, “life is too short to wear ugly t-shirts.” Indeed! Since our event theme was ‘Red Haute’, and Banana Republic was sharing their holiday styles with us, I paired my t-shirt with one of their red pleated skirts, a cool jacket and fun booties. Thankfully we made it to the event, had great food and deeeeeelllllicious desert at The Theodore and loads of fun.

If you’ve never heard of Ruby’s Rubbish, do check them out. Grab a t-shirt or three, and tag me so I can see how you style it!

Livin on a prayer

Livin on Prayer

Livin on Prayer Livin on Prayer

Photo Credit: MyCurlyAdventures, FashionablyAlly and CurlsAndCappuccinos

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  1. I love this story, as a Christian myself! Prayer is so important and it something you do during your whole day!

  2. Love the message. I’ve been wanting to join a bible study group in Dallas. Do you know any good ones? Love all the pictures. So sad I was sick and missed the SC meetup.

    1. Thank you Taylor!! When I was single we used to go to the Potters House Young Adult classes on Fridays. It was a trek for me but they were good! Is that too far from you?

  3. Yes! Prayer is the answer to everything. As a Catholic, I often to pray to St. Anthony when I lost something. “St. Anthony, please come around. Something is lost that cannot be found.”It truly works every time! : )

    And of course, your outfit is darling. SO sad I missed out on this event while celebrating our anniversary!

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