Is Instagram a fashion blogger bubble?


Instagram Blogger Bubble

Is Instagram a blogger bubble? Today Heather Lundy creator of HerCommonThread shared some powerful truths on her Instastory. (You have to listen to it and do follow her!)  She spoke about her frustration with fashion blogging where Instagram engagement seemly comes only from other bloggers and we’re constantly buying new outfits just to take pictures to post. The question then becomes how do we stay motivated, how do we break out of the blogger bubble and get engagement from non-bloggers.


Its ‘Your’ Journey

I feel Heather’s frustration and I can identify with it. I believe however, the answer starts with our purpose. Why did we start blogging? Why do we share our stories? If it’s with the sole purpose of making money, then we’ve already lost the race. It’s easy to look at the established bloggers on Instagram and long for the collaborations that they get or the engagement that they have. I’m not sure who said this originally but “comparison is a joy stealer.” So we should not compare ourselves with others. We have to remember that that blogger did not get one million Instagram followers overnight. We don’t know their journey or the sacrifices they made.

To avoid frustration, we must stay focused on our own purpose. Do you like to write, share your fashion finds, or creative style? Then hold on to that and be content with your pace and your journey. Blog once a month or post once a month if that’s the cadence you can manage. It’s OK to aspire to be like another fashion blogger and to have goals. But don’t let it steal your joy. I force myself to keep my blinders on so that I don’t get tripped up by comparison. There will always be someone better… always…so keep doing YOU as there is only one you.



Delete Expectations

And then expectations…I try hard to minimize those. When we expect someone to reciprocate likes/comments/engagement and they don’t it can sting. Delete expectations!!!! Go ahead and hit that delete button right now! I’ve shared before that my second Mom taught me to “paddle my own canoe.”  I remember she would be in the kitchen and never ask for help. She would say “if you want to help you’ll just jump in and help.” We need to be our own cheering squad, our own motivators, our own marching band, our own football team. We should share content on Instagram and our blogs for ourselves…to give ourselves satisfaction. Whatever you’re doing do it for you, not the masses. Make sure you don’t lose the joy in this journey.


Pop the Blogger Engagement Bubble

Here are some tips to get out of the blogger engagement bubble on Instagram:

  • Follow and engage with non-bloggers. Build it and they will come does not work in the real world or on social media.
  • Engage with the hashtags you use by liking and commenting on content on those hashtags to extend your reach outside of your usual circles.
  • Share your content on other social platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. I have a collaborative Pinterest board that I’d be happy to add you to.
  • Create business cards for your Instagram and drop them off at a local boutique. Ask the owner to share them with her clientele.

What other tips would you add? Please share in the comments so we can all learn together.

** Pictures by a Michelle Perez Photography **

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  1. This is some great advice here babe! It can get disappointing at times and we have to find ways to be authentic and engage with others outside of circles so people even know we are there!

  2. I loved Heather’s insta story. One of the things a blogger friend mentioned to me was, “what do people ask you all the time?” That is what really has driven my blog from the beginning. People ask us how to start a workout routine, how much protein they should be eating, how to workout on vacation, etc.

    On the engagement note, I always appreciate sincere engagement with followers. I love when I can tell that a reader has actually read the blog post and is starting conversation.

  3. Great post Niqui! Sometimes I just don’t pay too much attention to what others are doing because its easy to get sucked in. I am in the stage of just trying things I’ve always wanted to try with my followers and if it works, it works ! and if it doesn’t oh well.. on to the next experiment. I want to really get to know the people that do follow me . those are the most important IG relationships!

  4. the topic of this post is just so real. While I love to write, I often feel like we are all stuck in a horrible hamster wheel- we only read each other’s content, when we are actually targeting other people.I think your tips are on point- following non-bloggers is key, as well as engaging with them. Question- how d you feel about sharing on Reddit? I feel like the Reddit community gets very wary of anyone trying to share something on the platform. I have never used it for blogging because I am scared of it backfiring.
    Great post as usual!

    1. Thank you girly! They actually have Reddit forums for fashion or blogs. Or even specific content such as pants or a particular brand!

  5. Another great post. Thank you for giving us tips and confidence. I found girl groups and blogging groups to be very therapeutic. I’ve meet some incredible ladies this year. They will keep you sane and support you!

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