The Active Woman’s Christmas List: 4 Things She Wants

Active Woman

No matter who you’re shopping for gift buying can be quite challenging. I like to get hints all throughout the year and not wait to rack my brain in December. Unfortunately, some people buy their needs/wants immediately so you don’t have a chance to surprise them with an “I was listening, I know you want this” gift speech. Unless you’re like my husband who bought me a new laptop for Christmas in November, a day after I mentioned I needed a new one because he knew I’d go buy one myself!!!! But that’s a whole different story. Today I’m sharing with you 4 things the active woman wants!

SneakHer Love

My daughter for sure will be classified as a gym rat She is very athletic, lives in the gym and has a love like no other for sneakers. Here are her sneaker picks!


Jacket Weather

It’s December and there is a decided chill in that air even in Texas! Give the active woman in your life a cute jacket to wear to the gym or for her run along the neighborhood trail.

Active Jewelry

Active women like jewelry too! Especially jewelry that’s functional or gives a nod to their sport or passion. I like the idea of a bicycle charm bracelet for the spin fanatic. Or you can help them stay stylish while tracking their activity with a super cute activity tracker.

Drink Up

I wish I liked drinking water. I’m pretty sure my face does too. I admire and strive to be like all the women who have their gallon water bottle with lines to ensure they drink the right amount of water daily. One day. Until then I’ll just admire these pretty smart water bottles that keeps track of your water intake and help you meet your daily goal.

You can shop our Christmas must haves here or shop our style here!

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