4 Christmas Gifts for The Stylish Woman Who Has Everything

Christmas Gift

The hardest person to Christmas shop for is the friend that has everything. I have many of those on my Christmas list. I could take the easy route and give them a gift card; however, I’m a stickler for thoughtful gifts. Here are 5 gift options for the woman that has everything.

Haute Shoes

I’ve never heard a woman say she has too many shoes. Never. Even the woman least bothered by making trends and what’s in would love the perfect pair of shoes. How about giving that special sister, or friend or blogger bestie a beautiful pair of shoes in the seasons “it” color?

Coat of many colors

I don’t know about you but I love winter coats. Especially a coat with character. Yes I know I have a lot of coats in my closet. But none like THAT one. Give that special lady a statement coat this Christmas. You’ll see her whip it out every winter season!

Bag It

The perfect bag makes an outfit. I’d be the first to admit that my bag collection is not that strong. I have friends however who have over a hundred bags and are STILL collecting more. With the cute ladylike mini bags that are popping up everywhere can you really blame them?

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Personalized gifts are the best. Personalized jewelry is even better. Instead of just putting their name however try thinking of one of their sayings or a nickname you have for them, or perhaps a special place or date.

What other gift options would you suggest?


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