Glow up with the Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator

Glow Up

“Do whatever makes your spirit glow out loud” ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim

Skincare Discipline

My daughter is the most disciplined and consistent person I know when it comes to skincare.  She will jump up at 3am to wash her face if she happens to fall asleep with make-up! I can only ever be half as diligent as she is except when I have an event or party coming up.  Then, I’m almost (yes only almost) as diligent with my skincare regimen. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season and kicks off the rounds of holiday parties. Whether it’s a friendsgiving party, an office Christmas party or your parents annual Christmas party there is at least one event on your calendar where you want to look your best from head to toe. For me, my party prep begins weeks (even months) in advance as I up my skincare game.

Glow Up

The Sugar Cookie Glow

I’ve been using the Jan Marini Clean Zyme Cleanser and Mask for several weeks now and this past week I took it up a notch by adding in the limited-edition Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator to help give me a natural glow. I am so in love with this exfoliator. It smells so delicious – it really does – like warm cookies just out of the oven. Every time I look at it too, I think of cake batter and I am so tempted to taste it – true story. Besides that, my face looks beautiful, even if I say so myself!

The first time I used the exfoliator my face felt silky soft and smooth. Although the jury was still out on how effective it really was I was pleased with the results. The exfoliator has “specially designed microscopic particles to gently exfoliate the skin while releasing a skin protectant for a silky-smooth finish.” I liked that even though I could feel the tiny granules they didn’t feel harsh or bruising.

The second time I used it however, I was super pumped as my face felt even better and looked so much brighter. Can we say glow?!? My daughter is always telling me that skincare goals should be lashes and lip gloss – meaning that we should get to the point where the only make-up we need is mascara or lashes and a dab of lip gloss. I am here to tell you that I am on my way there with my Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator.

Inner beauty

As much as I’m concerned about getting that perfect party glow, our beauty regimen should always start with what we put in not put on. I’m not talking about the right foods or water either but about time spent in God’s presence — daily prayer and God’s Word.  That way we get the true glow of the fruits of the Spirit — “love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness…” Galations 5:22

What holiday party plans do you have and how are you getting ready for them? Treat yourself to the glow of the 2017 Sugar Cookie Marini Holiday Exfoliator.

Glow Up

Glow Up

Glow Up



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  1. I love exfoliants, and I never tried a sugar scrub on my fac e- I stuck to my lips! This is definitely novel for me, thanks for teaching me something new! Love the scripture passage as well.

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