3 times a kimono can transform your outfit


Kimono Love

I am in love with the kimono. They make such a perfect piece to transition into fall, but truth be told what I really like about them is how quickly they can transform an everyday look into something spectacular and how versatile they are. The whole idea that you should just wear them with jeans and simple tee is a myth in my world. My husband and daughter would tell you that I live squarely in  team overdressed and doing the most is my norm.


That Special One

The first time I wore my kimono I’d had the perfect outfit picked out for StyleCon.  Unfortunately my dress was just not working out and the clock was ticking. So I settled on jeans and a cute top. Well I almost settled. True to form I threw my kimono in the car as once again I was about to do the most. I slipped on my kimono just before stepping into the event – outfit transformation at its best!

I remember when I found this particular kimono at TJMaxx I was shopping with my cousin. She immediately insisted we find her a replica. We found a couple but alas in her words,” they were not special.” For my special kimono I’ve whipped it out on several different occasions each time it elevated and transformed my outfits.

I am Covered

Interestingly we have a spiritual covering as well that transforms our sinful outfits . Jesus died on the cross of Calvary so that He could cover us. When He shed his blood for us, He who knew no sin took on our sin and gives every one that believes His righteousness. He transforms us into new creatures — children of a King. The same way I chose to grab my kimono however, we have to choose to accept God’s covering. And if for one moment we think that we are not “that bad” His Word reminds us in Isaiah 64:6 that “all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.”  I’m so thankful for God’s covering!


Kimono Kimono

You can shop my kimono picks below!



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  1. Love your kimono. The best thing about kimono, is that you can wear it over any outfits. You look great!


  2. You are working that kimono! Love all your pics and the Kimono/God covering us metaphor. Very inspirational. I need it today! #mondaymotivation.

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