Fashion Show Reverie: The October 2017 Apparel & Accessories Market

Fashion show junkie

For as long as I could remember girls night out included attending local fashion shows. This was way before fashion blogging and Instagram were even a thing. ( I’m aging myself!)  I just loved to see the creativity and fierceness that dominated the runway. Recently I had the opportunity to revisit those days at the Dallas Market Center October 2017 Apparel & Accessories Market fashion show with some of my StyleCollective sisters. Can we say fashion junkie??? And yes I’ve watched every episode of Project Runway so I was super excited to see Alexander Michael Snyder’s Spring/Summer 2018 line up close.


From begin to end the fashion show was at a high energy kicking off with a trends update from Gregor Simmons of The Doneger Group. I find it fascinating to look ahead to see what styles will dominate our streets and malls. The utilitarian trend prediction was by far my favorite trend prediction with the power trip/ power suit running a close second. The common theme of power whether it be military or corporate power may be the attraction for me as I am all about dressing with and exuding confidence.

Marrakech Love

The fashion show itself was awesome. I’d have to admit however that the Marrakech was by far my favorite segment. The bright colors and mix of prints spoke to my fashion curious soul. And when clothes speak, you don’t have a choice but to open your wallet and closet to them right?!

Speak to me pieces

The Urban Explorer and Collage segments also had “speak to me pieces.”  The yellow figure hugging dress from Badgley Mishka and the Alberto Makali jacket were diiiiiivine! And then the Hashtag overalls. I just know those overalls wanted to slide off of the model and slink their way over into my handbag and home to my closet. The picture doesn’t do it justice either. Take a look at the video and tell me if these overalls are not speaking to you in tongues! (Okay I may be stretching it here. Ha!)

Alexander Michael Snyder

The highlight of the fashion show was the Alexander Michael Snyder segment. His pieces were quite interesting especially the white  asymmetrical dress that bounced down the runway. My absolute favorite though would be what I dubbed the princess dress. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mommy can I take her home please? Yes I had one of those moments!

Fashion Show Alexander Michael Snyder
Alexander Michael Snyder

Which of these pieces from the Dallas Market Center October 2017 Apparel & Accessories Market fashion show is your favorite?

You can shop pieces from some of these designers as well as look a likes below!

“All photography courtesy of Thomas Garza and Dallas Market Center”


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  1. I love that going to fashion shows was a regular thing for you! I think this was my first big one and I loved it! Alexander Michael Snyder had gorgeous pieces!

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