5 Spring 2018 Fashion Trends on my shopping wish list

All I want for my Spring 2018 Wardrobe Is…

Recently I shared my Spring/Summer 2018 wish list with the Dallas Market Center. Yes, yes I confess, while others are making Christmas wish lists I am fantasizing about my Spring 2018 wardrobe with a nod to all things colorful!!! Being from the Caribbean color is in my DNA, and in my head there is only one season whether I’m in the Caribbean or the US.

Juicy Mango

For Spring 2018, the colors and pattern plays are already exciting me! The Pantone Color Institute released its color trend report and “MeadowLark” is at the top of the leader board (I love the names they give these colors — but I digress). When I see that deep rich yellow I immediately think of a ripe, juicy mango and climbing a tree to pick one. It conjures up such feelings of total content.

Handbag designer of F&W Style, Alexandra Alli, agrees and shared that she too is looking forward to “the return of bright yellow. Pantone predicted that yellow would be the color for Spring/Summer 2018 (SS18) and they were right! I saw it all over the runway in New York Fashion Week (NYFW). I’m a big fan of living in color and yellow is such a happy color, I’m glad it is back!”

Yellow is not the only color invading our closets this Spring. Fashion blogger Yami of Sunshine and Peonies gushed over the pink and blue pastels that she saw at NYFW. She was also very complimentary of the Runa Ray and MILLY collections. Nova Lorraine, Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine described the SS18 trends as “clothes and colors that make you feel happy.” She went on to add that the SS18 colors of the silver metallic and subtle soft purples “make you feel empowered with a super a “heroesque” vibe translating into our clothes.”

I had the opportunity to discuss the Spring 2018 trends with several fashion experts including designers and bloggers. Here’s what they are looking forward to:

The Glam of Sequins

F&W Style
handbag designer Alexandra Alli shared that the two trends she is looking forward to besides yellow are:

  1. The sequins trend — “I love this trend because sequins adds an instant glam to any look.”
  2. The mini-bag trend — “We have a new mini bag in my collection called the Sade Bag, and I am so excited about it! It is such a small piece of accessory, but it is still such a statement piece. Minis are great conversation starters because they are so darn cute!”


Cofounder of the Amor & Rosas clothing line, Laura Melendrez shared that they “are all for the “Quest” trend. Globalization is materializing in fashion, mixing cultures to create a new hyper-culture. As a result we all feel somehow related to this new expression of a global identity.

The trends we are looking forward to are:

  1. Natural materials — like cotton, linen, and hemp fabrics.
  2. Handcrafted embroidery — details /Artisanal craft

“In Amor & Rosas Spring / Summer 2018 you will find natural materials, we only used linen, silk, and hemp fabrics. Then, handcrafted embroidery adds a pop of color.”

Interestingly enough, editor in chief of Raine Magazine Nova Loraine echoed the sentiments of Melendrez with regards to hyber-culture. For the SS18 trends she is looking forward to:

  1. Culturally inspired influences — in prints or the embellishments on fabric with Native American and African influences taking center stage.”
  2. Colors that make you want to escape — blue water, sunsets, nature; grays as a soft neutral; formal wear will be silvers and voluminous.”
  3. Glamour — and fun in the clothes as designers try to counter our political climate. We’ll see not-so-structured or super-tailored pieces but ease, raw edges, and flowy silhouettes that temper your mood.”

Sheer Power

Feminine flowy silhouettes did indeed “show up” on the SS18 runway…in that they showed off everything! I am in love with the light airy pieces I saw from designers like Runa Ray and Oscar de la Renta. Though I’d have to confess I’d probably be wearing some of them over my denim or something! I am also looking forward to adding a lot of feminine prints to my wardrobe. In fact Runa Ray believes that the top three fashion trends would be:

  1. Botanical prints
  2. Sheers
  3. Modern cold shoulder

“These trends are evergreen in my opinion and I have also used botanical prints and sheers in my SS18 Collection. The botanical prints were not digital but organically done using chlorophyll printing as a technique. The cold shoulder has been given a make-over. So it looks like the trend is here to stay.”

Shoulder to Shoulder



Fashion blogger Elysse of @elyssedw agrees with designer Runa Ray that shoulders will be a highlight. She indicated that “statement tops will continue to trend, with a shift out of bell sleeves and more into shoulder details. From a color palette, there will be a continuation of bold colors like reds and yellows, along with softer tones in the purple family.  The most risky trend that I think will be exciting and different will be the comeback of biker shorts, paired back with blazers.”

So, now you know what we’ve written down on our imaginary Spring 2018 wish lists. What’s on yours?


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