TJMaxx Shopping with My Daughter for Maxx50Challenge

TJMaxx Outfit One


We had such a blast with the TJMaxx Maxx50Challenge. We had $50.00  to spend and had the opportunity to take over their instastory. Shopping with my daughter has always been fun.

TJMaxx Memories

The Maxx50Challenge actually reminded me of when she was a little girl and money was very tight.  I was still single at that time and at one point I was working part time. I remember I used to tell her a lot “we are not the Joneses.” Of course at that time I’d replace Joneses with whichever of her friends she wanted to imitate or have what they had. Back then we’d go shopping on Saturday’s with a $20 budget each. It taught her to spend her money wisely, not be a follower and to look for deals!  TJMaxx was our store of choice back then and we’d spend hours combing through their great selections.

TJMaxx Handbag

TJMaxx Yellow Bag

Great Finds

When TJMaxx asked us to be a part of their #Maxx50Chaalleng I was STOKED! I am definitely a Maxxinista as I am in there every week sometimes more than once a week! A quick glance through my blog or Instagram account would show you that! So this challenge was super fun and as usual we spent hours browsing through TJMaxx. For me, my first stop is always, always their handbag selections as I find the cutest on trend bags there.  I have also found some super cute belts tucked away behind the regular belts.

This trip my absolute favorite was the little blush pink top. The bow just made it so elegant. I also saw so many velvet pieces that I am crushing on. Don’t sleep on TJMaxx! And my daughter she has a knack for finding gorgeous pieces. You can always find her in the jeans and bottoms section. I’d have to confess that my olive green pants were originally her’s and I took them! (Insert big eye emoji)  She said they will be community property. LOL!!    I loved the paper bag skirt she found too. Just a pity it was a tad too big for me!  You can see more of our frolic on their instatories!

TJMaxx Outfit 2



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    1. Thank you! I wanted them for myself!!! But alas it was a tad too big for me. My daughter already wore them yesterday!

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