3 lessons learned from women who empower me

Empower women

“No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is sweeter when shared.”


Reach back and empower

When I read Amor & Rosas mission to empower women, I immediately thought of all the women who’ve empowered me and the lessons that I’ve learned from them. Funnily enough some of these lessons I gave no thought to at the time, however, they’ve shaped me and they are lessons I’ve passed on to my daughter.

Amor & Rosas’ mission is to “make beautiful, authentic women’s clothing while empowering under privileged women in Latin America.” All their clothes are handcrafted by women in Mexico — giving them jobs and a platform for their creativity. They are reaching back to pull other women up the same way my mom, Pastors wife and ex boss reached back to pull me up. They taught me to:

“Just pray”

I grew up waking up at the crack of dawn to have devotions with my Mom. And every year she’d read the entire Bible through. She still does this today. She taught me to love God, read my Bible but most of all to pray. I remember in college when I’d call her with a problem she’d say “just pray.” I did NOT want to hear that then! I just wanted her to fix it. Now as an adult that’s my first defense for everything — from “Lord please help me find my keys, to Lord don’t let me have cancer…” I wish I’d listened to my Mom more in college. It’s such a relief to have someone who I can “cast all my cares on.”

“Learn to paddle your own canoe”

Years ago my Pastor’s wife would drill this in my head. She was like a second Mom to me so her opinion really mattered. At the time it seemed like a lonely path. As a teenager friendship and being accepted as part of the clique were huge. No clique no existence right? Wrong. I quickly learned that she didn’t mean that I should put blinders on and be in a vacuum.  But in reality it just meant that I needed to be comfortable in my own shoes, in my own ability and function at the same or in truth at an even higher level independently as I did in a group. It also meant not waiting for Sally, Mary or Sue to make a move before I did. But to be a leader. Hungrily pursue knowledge and additional skills and take risks. Today I’m paddling my own canoe.

“Relationships are key”

My favorite boss in the entire world taught me to pause to get to really know the people who you worked for, who worked for you, and who worked across from you. She was my boss at 3 different companies. Each time she moved she took  me with her – she is the epitome of reaching back and pulling up another as you move up.

empower women


‘Liberation in Bloom’

Amor and Rosas ‘Liberation in Bloom’ limited edition tee showcases custom artwork by a Mexican artist that represents female empowerment. This resonated with me I believe we should always reach out, reach up, reach across and reach back to other women and young ladies as we move from rung to rung. And when we’ve moved up we need to be intentional about pulling someone else up.

Their motto says “look good while doing good.” We can all be a part of that mission by sporting your very own Liberation In Bloom tee with its beautiful custom artwork. at https://www.amorandrosas.com/shop/ Use LOVE15 to get 15% off, But hurry as today is the last day!! The tee shirts art soft and comfortable and you can dress it up or down as I’ve done!

*This is a sponsored post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  1. Praying is something I still struggle with. I always either forget to pray or always feel like my prayers go unanswered – but it’s something I need to work on!


    1. When you think they’re unanswered He may have said not now, or just wait…. He always answers our prayers! Thank you for reading Linda!

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