Fall wardrobe: Making the transition from Summer to cooler weather

Fall wardrobe

I’ve seen bloggers  sharing their Fall wardrobe and transition styles and I’ve been here silently screaming “nooooooo” — sometimes not so silently too. So, it’s safe to say that I’m not ready for Fall or Winter or anything that looks remotely like cold weather. Can we please leave all the cold weather styles in the back of our wardrobe? You’re right I already whispered to myself that I need to move back to the Caribbean or somewhere tropical for that.

A summery fall wardrobe

Interestingly enough, every time we start changing to colder weather I remember the very first time that I came to the United States for college. It was January 6th and fuhhhhhreezing! (Side note: If you’re going to attend college and you’re from the Caribbean please start school in the Fall semester and not in the Spring so you can slowly transition to Winter!  Still though please research the correct  wardrobe for the city you’ll be in! But I digress… ) When I hopped off the plane I was wearing a wrap skirt – nope it was not a winter skirt. Alas it was my first time in the US and I was clueless!  Looking back at my style choices in college and now it’s like night and day. However, looking at my confidence level that’s like night and day as well. I’ve come such a long way! This is why I firmly believe that style starts with confidence. Confidence to be you! Even if your fall wardrobe may include a definitely summery wrap skirt! HA!

What I wore

Blow sleeve sweater: exact here, similar here

Midi skirt: similar here

Red pant: similar here

Making the transition

Anyway, so as not to be stuck with just summer clothes for fall I put on a brave face last week and secured a couple pieces of fall wear. My little Bow Sleeve Sweater from Target’s Who What Wear Collection is a purrrrrrfect  piece. I styled it two ways so you get an idea of what I plan to do with it and what you can do with yours. Don’t be surprised though if by the time Fall really hits I’ve styled it completely different! You can shop our style here!

fall wardrobe

fall wardrobe


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