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The Style Blogger behind Baily Lamb

“The only way any business can be successful is if you put every hour of your time into it.” Style blogger and dog lover Emily or Baily Lamb as we know her lives by this mantra. Given her success style blogger and her numerous collaborations, her approach to blogging as a business is indeed working.

I first noticed Emily when she commented on and subsequently followed my blog. It was such a heartfelt comment that I hopped over to her blog to learn more about her.  Emily had such an elegant and classic style that I followed her blog and Instagram immediately. Interestingly enough,  though Emily has been blogging for almost three years, her closest friends and family are ignorant to the fact that she is a style blogger. “So much of blogging is telling your story and connecting with others. For me this is one of the biggest challenges of blogging. It is always a struggle of how much of my life I should share on social media,” shared Emily.

Emily attributes her secrecy to her need for privacy. This in itself is interesting as privacy as we know it died when they introduced social media. However, I can so identify with that need for privacy as there are only 6 people including my daughter and myself in our blogs circle of confidence. I’m certain too that to an extent, many of us still keep a few chapters of our lives private despite how open we may appear on social media. Thankfully this week Emily agreed to share her fashNcurious soul with us including some excellent tips on developing a fabulous wardrobe.

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Why Baily Lamb? What does it mean?

It’s kind of an interesting story of how I came up with the name. I was always intrigued by numerology and when I decided to start my blog I knew that the name had to align with my numerology. The name of the blog had to start with a letter B and the name had to add up to number 24, which is my number. After spending hours writing out different letter combinations that add up to 24, one day the letters just aligned into Baily Lamb.

Are you a full time style blogger or are you still working in the fashion industry?

After I graduated from college I worked a few years in the fashion industry as a merchandiser and fashion designer. I created my blog while I was still in college as a way to showcase my fashion design and styling portfolio. It was more of an online portfolio than your regular style blog. In September 2014, I decided to turn my online portfolio into a blog and to pursue it full time. I knew that if I wanted to be a style blogger, then I could not do it as a hobby or treat it as one, it would never be successful. The only way any business can be successful is if you put every hour of your time into it. Because there is always someone out there who is working more than you and wants it more than you. So, I started from day one working on my blog full time.


You have a degree in fashion design. Did you want to be a designer?

I always wanted to be a designer. I have been designing since third grade, when I learned how to crochet and knit. I designed my first handbag, soon after that I started designing crochet tops, and little purses that I would gift to my friends for their birthdays. In sixth grade I learned how to sew with a sewing machine, and have been making clothes all throughout middle and high school.  When it was time for college, I never knew that I could study fashion design, so once I found out that I could study it I knew that was what I wanted to do. My dream as a college student was to be doing what I love and that is to create. Today’s dreams are no different, I just want to work in a creative field.


You’ve collaborated with many top brands. How can a style blogger build a relationship with a brand?

  1. Be genuinely in love with the brand and their products.
  2. Style them, wear them on your blog
  3. Email the brand your pictures and blog features of their product
  4. This is what will get you on their radar
  5. Do this for a year before you ask if they would like to collaborate with you, or in a lot of cases they will reach out to you much sooner.


Your wardrobe is fabulous. How can a woman look fabulous without breaking the bank? What 5 tips can you share?

style blogger 1Invest in pieces that are classics, like a nice jacket, flat shoes, LBD. You will wear them for years to come. This way you don’t have to spend money every season on those pieces, instead you will just need to update them every once in a while.


style blogger_4Don’t buy too many jeans or pants. For every pair of jeans/pants you should have four tops that go with it. Believe it or not, I have only one pair of blue jeans, one pair of white and one pair of black. And to be honest with you that is all you need. I update them every once in a while, when the style changes.


style blogger Be creative with your pieces. Sometimes a piece can have more than one function. A long vest can also be worn as a dress if you cinch it in with a belt. Or a body-con dress can be worn as a top if you wear a fit and flare skirt over it. I have done this many times.


style blogger 2Buy items in neutral colors. Once again with neutrals you don’t have to chase the fads and keep spending money.


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Don’t purchase clothing that is too expensive, instead invest in shoes and bags. They will last longer and you will get more wear out of them. I think you can be wearing a dress from Forever21 with a pair of designer shoes and your outfit will look high end. But you can never look high end with an expensive top and cheap looking shoes. In keping with this don’t spend money on inexpensive fashion jewelry, instead have a nice watch, and a pair of beautiful stud earrings. If you look at any of my looks, I keep the jewelry to a minimum.


Who is your favorite designer and why?

My favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld. I am amazed at his creativity, and knowledge of women’s wear. Not only is he unbelievably talented but his way of thinking is very inspirational. There is just something about him that makes me feel motivated. I can spend hours watching his interviews on YouTube. I remember in one of his interviews he mentioned, that he does not take vacations. He said that that is the key to his success in the industry for so many years. The more you work, the more creative ideas will come your way.

My favorite outfit from Emily is her polka dot dress. I’m currently shopping for my own and linked to some so we can shop together! Be sure to follow us for here for our weekly fashncurious 5! Do follow us on instagram and on our blog and send us an email or DM to submit names of fashion bloggers or your own name to be considered for a feature!!



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  1. This is a wonderful post, and definitely relevant to all bloggers. Finding that right balance. I also love the advice and am definitely taking note!
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