Gingham adventures: casual chic travels

My last gingham adventure took me twirling in block heels.  While that gingham outfit was super cute, I really like to style my clothes different every time I wear them so as to give the illusion of an extensive wardrobe. So my greenery gingham dress needed a ‘switcheroo’. Added to this, this time I was traveling. If you read my last blog you’d know about my jumpsuit aversion when traveling plus my no heels when flying policy!

Gingham adventures

What I wore:

Gingham / Handkerchief dress (old): Similar here, and here

Sneakers (old): Similar here, and here

Sunglasses (sold out) : Similar here

Flying Gingham

Thus on my trip back I promptly picked out my flowy gingham dress and dressed it down with some kicks for comfort and any possible running. Traveling through the Caribbean islands also requires you to walk to the plane and up the stairs!!! Island life at its best. On my layover in Trinidad the kind flight attendant flagged down a male passenger to help me down the stairs with my bag!!  Yes I am that girl with a carry on plus a handbag as big as a carry on which make for a challenge when getting down a flight of stairs from a small aircraft. (Diva problems, don’t judge me).

Gingham Hideout

Needless to say my little gingham dress worked quite well from the plane to lunch with my cousins! Though it was just a one night layover I managed to squeeze in some site seeing and a little shopping where I picked up two lovely hand crafted African bags. I cannot wait to use them!! And of course my list of to do’s included eating yes? So that I did. While in Trinidad Roti is a MUST DO and my goat roti – curried goat and potatoes with curried mangoes —  was delicious! I’m also a sucker for ice cream and the Haagen  Daaz ice cream parlors take ice cream eating to a whole new level! Thankfully my gingham dress was the perfect hideout as it gave me lots of room for eating!

Gingham adventures

Gingham adventures

Gingham adventures

Gingham adventures

Gingham adventures

So how do you dress down your outfits or stretch your wardrobe? Share in the comments. You can also shop this entire look below!


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    1. Thank you!You wont believe that I bought this end of last summer and greenery is this years it color!

  1. that dress definitely looks comfy for travel! So jealous you were in the caribbean. Hopefully one day I can talk my hubby in to taking me some place tropical.

    1. The Caribbean is home to me…so easy to travel there. Start with an easy hop perhaps…Jamaica….look for all inclusive trips on Groupon travel. Let me know when you go!

  2. Love this dress! I’m so glad you didn’t do the jumpsuit while traveling again. This was the perfect fix!

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