Traveling in style to the Caribbean: tropical vacation tips for divas!

Traveling jumpsuit

Traveling home to St. Vincent all I could think of was the beach and the food I’d eat. So much so that I made a list of daily to dos which included:

  • Go the beach
  • Eat some piece of Caribbean fruit
  • Drink coconut water
  • Eat some food I could not get in the USA
  • Go to the beach

Yes! I meant to put it on the list twice! Although I did not go to the beach every day I spent enough time in or on the water to satisfy that need…at least until next year. With this blog I’m sharing some of my travel tips for staying stylish but comfortable on a tropical vacation.

My travel outfit

I wanted to be cute and comfortable. So I chose my floral print strapless jumpsuit I added a cardigan for the cold plane and a pop of color with my red belt. Funnily enough my friend and travel buddy wore a jumpsuit as well! I’d be the first to admit that a jumpsuit for travel is a bad idea! We had an extremely close connection which involved running and mad dashes to the bathroom. Needless to say I’ll never fly in a jumpsuit again! Never!

What I wore:

Jumpsuit(old): Similar here and here

Cardigan (old): Similar here and here

Red belt: Similar here and here

Traveling jumpsuit

What I packed

I was traveling for ten days so I packed two outfits per day. This did not include my swimsuits…but that’s a whole different blog!  The Caribbean is hot and many of the local places do not have central air so you may change clothes WAY more than normal. Added to this there is always somewhere to go — a “lime” as we call it. So I wore all but 4 of the outfits I took with me.

I packed three sandals, a black, a brown and a silver pair. I also packed one pair of floral wedges, cute sneakers, one pair of slippers  and one high heel shoe which I knew I’d only wear to church. The cobbled streets do not play well to heels plus I knew there would be a  lot of walking. I wore all of my shoes! I only took two handbags which worked out fine except I really needed a beach bag for sailing but I borrowed my cousin’s. I also took a slew of jewelry. Next time I travel I really need to do a better job of paring down my jewelry. (Helllppp!)

Traveling jumpsuit


My traveling tips

My plane must haves

  • A fully charged iPad and phone to keep me occupied.
  • Headsets – they always run out by the time they get to my row.
  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks for the plane ride. I eat when I’m bored!
  • Reading material – I typically opt for fashion magazines.
  • A travel pillow and a blanket.
  • Socks for going through immigration or if I want to take off my shoes during the flight. TSA pre-check only applies in the USA!

Traveling Don’ts

  • Don’t wear heels, not even wedges on the plane. Traveling often includes running and with heavy bags and cumbersome suitcases flats are  a win! Ask me how I know.
  • Don’t wear a jumpsuit… small bathrooms and tight connections necessitate speed. Jumpsuits nullify speed.(SMH at my self that I didn’t think of this BEFORE)
  • Don’t travel to the tropics without mosquito repellent. Off deep woods works well. Though you could use skin so soft. Your skin will thank you.

Traveling  Dos

  • Get luggage with four wheels, it makes pushing pulling so easy!
  • Find a cute bag or handbag that has wheels! Even my handbag becomes luggage as divas need options while on vacation! Please don’t weigh my handbag!
  • Tie a scarf or ribbon on your suitcase. It helps to easily pick your luggage out though the size alone may be enough with your entire wardrobe.
  • Do check in early as you may get the option to upgrade to first class for as cheap as $100.
  • Pack lots of flat shoes and swim suits for beach and island vacations.

Traveling jumpsuit

Stay tuned to my blog for more travel tales and fashion tips!




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  1. Great post! Love the do’s and don’ts. I would have never thought not to wear my wedges on the plane because they are the most comfortable shoes I own, but yeah, running in them may not be the easiest and I’m ALWAYS fashionably late. lol

    1. Ha! Running in wedges = a broken ankle! We had to runnnnn to catch our connection….thankfully I was in flats.Thank you!

  2. Awesome tips for travel! My takeaway is NEVER to wear a jumpsuit while traveling. LOL! Love your photos!

    1. Girllllll a mad dash to catch our flight included a stop at the restroom and a lesson learned! Thank you!

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