Ruffled tops and feathers for the win

ruffled top

ruffled topThe Ruffled Top

I fell in love with this ruffled top the moment I saw it while browsing the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale in May. I didn’t get it at the time. It seemed though that we were destined to for each other as I found the exact top at TJMaxx for under $15.00. I love the tiered ruffles and the alternating solid and lace like tiers. with its beautiful detailing. I found myself doing several shimmies just to see the ruffles move.

What I wore

Ruffled JOA Top: Exact here, Similar here

Denim cut offs: Similar here

Denim bag: Similar here

Ruffled Feathers

Interestingly enough the movement of the ruffles led me down a whole different thought. Not just the movement of clothes but self advancement. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to please other people that we remain stagnant. Or we listen to people poke holes in our dreams or worse yet we hold ourselves back waiting for our colleagues or friends to catch up. Jackson Kiddard summed it up best when he said, “you’re going to ruffle some feathers if you want to fly, it’s inevitable. It is impossible to please everybody. It’s far better to meet your own expectations and let someone else down than to let yourself down to meet someone else expectations. If you’re serious about success knowing this will help you get there.”

Ruffles Styled

I bet the next time you wear ruffles you’ll look at them differently! For my vacation look I paired the top with denim cutoffs. I didn’t have much space in my suitcase to take multiple handbag choices so my blue denim bag took the coveted slot. I can imagine wearing this top with a white skirt and a pop of red though. Or even yellow! I can’t wait to wear it again to try different pairings. You can shop this exact top on sale now at Nordstrom Rack! I also included several other options on my shop page!


ruffled top ruffled top


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