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The Fearless Award:-

Recently I was nominated by Annie Spano for the Style Collective Becoming Fearless Award along with other equally fearless boss babes.  The Style Collective platform gives women the “support, encouragement  and friendship they need to thrive.” I think of it as a life saver for style bloggers actually, as you find like minded women with whom you can share your angst, excitements and goals — and they understand. The fearless award recognizes women who align with Style Collective’s mission to empower women — women who instead of stepping over other women, they step with them.


Behind fashNcurious:-

I’m always interviewing women for our fashNcurious 5 series. As part of the Becoming Fearless Award however, I was asked to share our story. So here I go:

Fashion Curious Duo


Who are you?!

We are a mom and daughter duo. I do most of the writing as my daughter thinks “writing is for the birds.” (LOL!) I however, I love to write. My day job is not really a job because I love everything about marketing so it’s as if I get to piddle with my hobby all day long. My daughter handles most of the modeling and picture editing. She is a senior in college. (Oh my I’m old!) She is a Finance major and hopes to pursue Business Law one day.

What is your blog/Instagram all about?

Our blog shares our style point of view from two different generations. We have a very colorful style on most days — blame it on my Caribbean heritage — though simple is also a win. In our world, there are no fashion rules. Fearless even in fashion! The only rule we dress by is to wear what makes you happy and rock it. Rock it — because your style should start from within and a pinch of confidence is the best accessory to elevate an outfit.

What do you LOVE about blogging/Instagramming?

One of the best parts of my style blogging adventure is the people I meet — both virtually and in person.  Virtual is great, but putting a face with all its expressions as well as a voice with intonations adds a whole new and richer dimension to the relationship. Annie Spano’s and Style Collective makes meeting fellow style bloggers so much easier. That’s how I met @VanessaInDallas. We were actually both on the Style Collective’s Dallas Regional Team and since then have had a couple lunch dates just to catch up.

Vanessa and I after lunch


What do you not love about blogging/Instagramming?

Being ignored. I don’t like the fact that bigger bloggers ignore you because you’re not in their league. We all started somewhere yes?

What are your goals (big and small!) for your blog/Instagram?

Small goal – become a part of  Reward Style. Big goal… “meet” as many women as possible. Not just the pictures they share but really get to know the woman behind the posts.

If you could be better at one thing, what would it be?

Public speaking. I am an introvert through and through. I have a conniption at the thought of speaking in public.

Who are your biggest supporters? How/why?

My husband and my daughter for sure. They are my champions. I also have a few really good friends who were the first to know about our blogging adventure who often act as creative directors and give us ideas.

What do you wish there was more of in your life?

More… hmmmmm…..I need more of Jesus in my life.

Fearless Award Secret Facts:-

  1. I was born and raised in the Caribbean and moved here for college.
  2. I have an MBA in marketing
  3. The rule in our house from elementary all through high school was “we don’t do B’s in this household.” I knew my daughter needed good grades to get to college because as a single mom up to recently it would have been a struggle. As such she is an over achiever — fearless!!
  4. My daughter is obsessed with skin care products and has the most gorgeous skin.
  5. Janne is truly a jock in heels as she can rock cleats or heels effortlessly


Nominations for Style Collective’s Becoming Fearless Award:-

  1. Cyran – @CorporateStyleStory  is so fearless. As a wife, mother, lawyer and fashion blogger, Cyran is forever performing a balancing act. I marvel at how she finds time to juggle the demands of a three year old, write blogs and pitch brands. Yet she does it. Cyrans tells us “don’t use ‘busy’ as an excuse. You make time for the things you really want to do in life.”
  2. Joy – @Afrostylicity is my hero. Her “grab the bull by the horn” attitude is so inspiring. Joy is a healthcare professional who slayed two masters degrees at once. She works full time and blogs full time nabbing really great collaborations while still engaging and giving advice to new bloggers. Joy’s attitude teaches us that we cant always wait for the right opportunity or for someone to make a way and open doors for us. She teaches us to just grab our own keys.
  3. MEL – @polished_professional is the epitome of class and  grace. She holds three degrees including a JD and an MBA, practices law, helps run her Mom’s 43 year old dance studio, is the founder and vice president of Manners Pro, and a successful blogger. Can we say fearless? MEL’s advice to us is — don’t dressing for the moment or for what’s in style but for our professional brand.
  4. Alyssa – @fashionablyally was my very first in person blogger collaboration. Alyssa is not only a style blogger but she is also an amazing fashion photographer. She photographed the pictures for my blog “The Making of a Chic Outfit.” We had such an awesome time at our photo shoot. I’m really impressed at how Ally pursues her dreams, saving her money to buy her “big girl camera” — as she called it.
  5. April  – @flavioapril is so honest and open on Instagram it’s refreshing. I met April in a Style Collective DM group. One day however shared her insecurities openly on an instagram post. That’s when I really saw her fearlessness.

A special thank you to Annie Spano for nominating me! Do join our gang of girl bosses in Style Collective and be sure to follow all my nominees!





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  1. This is so awesome! Congrats on the award! It was so cool to read more about you and your daughter.

  2. Congrats for being nominated!!! I do agree with the comment you made about being ignored by bigger instagramers or bloggers especially when you’re first starting out! We all start somewhere and we all need a community to help us grow!!

  3. You are an inspiration, Niqui! Plus such a sweet soul! I appreciate your kind words more than you’ll ever know. I’m excited about witnessing all the amazing opportunities the blogging stratosphere has in store for you. Cheers!

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