The Over Dressed T-Shirt

IMG_1101I know somewhere there is an over dressed anonymous meeting. Raise your hand if you need to go to those meetings too! Even when you tell me not to dress up, and I really try NOT to dress up I still end up being dressed up — especially if you give me too much time. Some how as if by magic (no really!) I ditch the jeans for slacks, I whip out a chunky necklace and flats turn to heels. Even a t-shirt wont stand a chance when I get hold of it. Shop my dressed up t-shirt look here!

To dress up a t-shirt you can:

  1. Pair it with statement jewelry or accessories.
  2. Go with heels or even wedges to elevate the look. Even if you paired it with shorts or denim, a tucked t-shirt with heels looks quite chic.
  3. Trade your denim in for slacks. I’d always vote for a bright color pant!
  4. Wear your t-shirt with a statement midi skirt. Think tee and tulle!

Even while I’m sharing these tips I’m thinking of how different it is in the spiritual realm.  No matter how much we try to dress up ‘ourselves’,  how much work we put in, how good we are, (or think we are) we are still just wretched sinners. On our own we’re nothing. Thankfully though, God in His infinite grace and mercy sees beyond our faults and He gives us a full makeover if we just acknowledge that we’re sinners and ask Him for forgiveness. He then changes us and makes us new creatures — saved by grace!  There’s a song that says “He’s making diamonds out of dust…” We can never thank Him enough for saving us and giving us robe of righteousness and dressing us in His likeness.


Shop my dressed up t-shirt look here!

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