The Making of a Chic Outfit

Chic outfit

Chic outfitLast week I went to New York and Co. I only went to purchase a gift card or so I thought. Who was I fooling though!?! The clothes were literally calling my name. Needless to say a little floral blouse happened to leave with me. [yes happened, don’t you judge me!!! LOL] I didn’t buy it for any special reason and I didn’t even know what it would go with, if anything at all in my closet. I just knew I liked it. However, once I got home and started browsing through my closet my black and white striped skirt (similar here) seemed like it could work. Then I remembered these patterned shoes (similar here) I had since last summer. And strangely enough my favorite satchel (similar here) was the perfect accessory. What a perfect buy!!! This little top without a plan was now my chic outfit of choice for a graduation ceremony. You can shop this entire chic outfit here!

There’s a message beyond fashion in this fashNcurious souls!!!! This is exactly what God does with His chosen. We think that we’re not worthy, useless even. Do you know what’s so remarkable about God though? The way He takes the unqualified individual, the insignificant and looked over, the notoriously bad, the lowly, and the nameless, and transforms them into a masterpiece. That’s my God!!! The murderer Saul became Apostle Paul, lowly fishermen became His disciples, and a nameless maid headlined the story of Naaman’s healing. He takes the ordinary and makes them extraordinary giving them a clean heart, the right words, the right message. Just like with the right pieces that little blouse starred in my chic outfit. I’m writing this and shaking my head in awe at how absolutely wonderful my God is!!!

What I wore:

Floral blouse

Black and white striped skirt (old) – options here

Printed wedges (old) – options here

Yellow bag (old) – options here

If you need more print mixing ideas Prints Charming meets Fashion!

Chic outfit

Chic outfitDSC_6578

Chic outfit

Chic outfit


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