Haute Step Hems and Holes: Jeans Today

Step hem jeans

Step hem jeans

Step hems and holes in jeans are a do! Recently however while skimming through instagram I saw a post of some really holey jeans with the step hem. I’m not talking ripped or frayed but huge holes – rat bitten almost. And they looked oh so haute!  I couldn’t help but ask myself when did holes and ripped jeans become the in thing?  And then I thought of all the times that people, who couldn’t afford to do better, wore jeans with holes and were ridiculed. Ridiculed  for the very  thing we now call a fashion statement.

This reinforces  a principle that I really hold dear. Wear clothes for YOU: clothes that make YOU happy,  clothes that fits YOUR budget. Don’t let the newest trend dictate your wardrobe. Just do you. If you think about it, all those years ago when Mom’s and grandmas were trying to darn jeans to preserve them they were covering up the fashion statement. We just couldn’t see the distinction and beauty of the frays and the holes back then.

This reminds me too of the way God looks at our holes. As filthy, weak and sinful as we are – full of holes and frayed with jagged edges and step hems —  He sees beyond our imperfections to our beauty and loves us just the same. Now THAT’s cause for the highest praise!

If you’d like to get a frayed or step hem, I’ve linked some of my favorites for you. Remember though your scissors can also do the work!

What I wore:

Joes Jeans

Top Shop Slides: Option 1   Option 2

Lace Peplum top: Option 1  Option 2

Step hem jeansStep hem jeansStep hem jeans


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  1. Ugh so true… He sees past all the imperfections and I’m forever grateful. I need to remember that next time I’m being hard on myself. Also I’m obsessed with those sandals!!

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