The Color Blocking Party

Color BlockingI have a special relationship with color. I just love it. The more color I can slide into an outfit the happier I am. And when I can pull off a non “matchy matchy” outfit I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. Some may rely on guidelines for playing with colors. If you usually avoid color if advocate for following the rules. At least at the onset. Fashionishers  shared some rules for color blocking  including:

  • Avoid sharp contrasts
  • Ensure the color pair remains within the same sentiment
  • Major colors go with major ones
  • Minors create a beautiful union with minor one

Truthfully however I follow my heart when it comes to dressing including color blocking.  The only rule I adhere to is confidence. Color blocking is not for the faint of heart but for the woman who is confident enough to step out on a limb, stand out, and make mistakes. Yes make mistakes because we can never get it right 100% of the time — in dressing or in life. However, if we can own our mistakes and learn from them  we’ll win in color blocking, style and life. I’ve told my daughter a zillion times when unsure of an outfit  — just rock it.

This past weekend thanks to Style Blogger International I had the opportunity to do just that with Loveth

What I wore:

Blue skirt (old) – Option 1   Option 2

Teal top (old) – Option 1   Option 2

Multi color bag (Nine West Old) – Option 1   Option 2

What Loveth Wore: Here

Color Blocking 2Color Blocking 3Color Blocking 6Color Blocking 4Color Blocking 5Color Blocking 7

Do you like colors? Share your color blocking ideas and match ups with me! Shop my look here and do follow us on instagram.


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  1. I LOVE all the color. I am more of a neutral washed tones gal so this gives me massive inspiration! Love love how you incorporated so many bold colors in one look!!

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