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Karolyne Roberts, best selling author on Amazon and the founder of The Writers Retreat insists that she is a simple woman — “just a little lip balm.” Looking at how stunning she is you’d agree that she needs no make-up. What’s most obvious about Karolyne however, is her beautiful spirit. You can sense it in her writing, hear her strong beliefs from her responses and see Godliness in the stories on her blog.

Though Karolyne is not your typical fashionista — and she would tell you this — her spirit is so beautiful and her faith so palpable that she is indeed a fashionista — fashioned in God’s likeness. After all David did say in Psalm 139:14, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Without trying to, Karolyne in her simplicity is encouraging us to love ourselves the way we are. Yes we love clothes and shoes and bright colors and the drama of couture. All this however means nothing if we don’t nurture our souls and love the skin we’re in. I had the pleasure of interviewing Karolyne for this week’s fashNcurious 5 series. This is what she shared.


How did you start writing?

I grew up in south Florida and we’re known for hurricanes. During one hurricane season in particular, I remember a day when we had no electricity, no Internet, and we couldn’t leave the house because it was storming outside. In that dark and quiet moment I wrote my first spoken word poem. I believe that God used that situation to pull me away from all distractions and inspire me in His presence. That was the beginning of my writing journey.

Why did you start Writers Retreat?

When I first started my publishing company a few years ago, I realized that I had a passion for hearing the stories of other women and helping them bring those stories to life. After growing a relationship with my authors, I felt led to close my publishing company and start the Writers Retreat. Now I get to meet with ladies 1-on-1 all across the world and come alongside them in birthing their writing projects. I love that it is more than a business transaction, but we are actually doing like together and fulfilling one purpose, which is to spread the gospel while bringing God glory through our lives.

What’s your ultimate vision and goal for Writers Retreat?

My long-term goal is to open up her own small coffee shop and bookstore in Atlanta, hosting authors, holding open mic nights, and mentoring aspiring writers.

Is writing a blog different from writing a book? Explain

A blog is a public forum. It is a very interactive space because people can leave comments and feedback. People can also freely share blog posts within their own social communities. A book is a private work that is formally produced by a specific individual or group of writers. A book is considered an investment and generally sold for profit because the content is more in-depth and exhaustive.

What 5 tips would you give to a blog writer?

1.  Do market research and stay up to date with your niche.


2. Be a part of the community. Join the conversation and connect with other bloggers.


3. Read other blogs.


4. Integrate images, links, and external resources into your posts.


5. Create quality content on a consistent basis!


So it’s a fashion blog, do tell us at least what’s your favorite store? 

I love getting shoes from the store ALDO!

What two fashion and beauty essentials you keep close?

Since I’m a simple gal, everyday essentials are definitely lip balm and a cute nail color. I love doing my nails and nail polish. I think it brings everything together in a simple way!

Be sure to follow Karolyne on instagram and do look for The Writers Retreat in a city near you!


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