When the blouse blooms

There’s an old saying that says April flowers bring May flowers. Some take that to mean that today’s hardship will soon reveal tomorrow’s joy. I prefer to rest on God’s word in Psalm 30: 5 that says “joy cometh in the morning.” What an assurance we have no matter how bleak it looks.

Funnily enough May brought flowers to the blog today, even though quite by coincidence. I am a sucker for color and print and this floral top is one of my favorites because it’s so versatile. I’ve worn it with dark green,  with blue  and with pink skirts as well as under a mint colored dress. What’s great about floral prints is that you can even mix and match and wear with stripes or another contrasting pattern. The key is to ensure that at least one similar color connects the patterns. And if not bring confidence to the outfit and just rock it! You can get a similar look here!

What I Wore

Beulah Blouse (old): Option 1   Option 2   Option 3

Blush Bag (old):  Option 1   Option 2

Rose Gold Shoes (old): Option 1   Option 2   Option 3

Floral Top 3Floral Top 1Floral TopFloral Top 4Floral Top_2


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