Taking your workout style to brunch

Raise your hand if working out gets you excited!!!  Welp…. that’s what I thought. You’d have to admit though that workout clothes these days are rather snazzy and do inspire a sweat or two…well maybe just some misting!  So much so that you can probably go from the gym and to brunch with girlfriends quite easily – unless you’re like my younger self and you live in heels!!!. All joking aside though, working out is an investment in our health and our wealth too! Heart healthy and wallet healthy. Think about it…if we maintain our size we get to keep our wardrobe for as long as we want to. And with fashion being so cyclical you just KNOW that trend is coming back in — and soon!

For this week’s workout outfit I’m sharing my favorite New Balance sneakers with my white shorts and racer back top. It’ strange that I started the outfit description from the bottom up huh?  Confessions of a shoe addict!Workout_Brunch_4Workout_BrunchWorkout_Brunch_3Workout_Brunch_2

What I wore:

Lululemon Shorts

New Balance Sneaker

Racerback Top: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3   Option 4


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