For the frill of it

Some clothes have a way of drawing you in with their little frilly details. I’m reminded of the frilly little baby diaper covers we ooh and ahhh over. I cant help but wonder if as babies and little girls our mom’s unwittingly framed our fashion sense. It would explain why I like to be bare feet so much but that’s a whole different blog! For this look I take this frilly pink blouse from casual chic to edgy chic. It just depends on my mood which girl I want to be on any given day. See below for shopping links to similar tops!


Pink Frill Top: Option 1    Option 2   Option 3   Option 4

Jeans: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3

Black Shoes: Steve Madden Heels

Nude Shoes: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3   Option 4


What’s your favorite detail? Frills, bows, what?

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