8 stylish trench coats

I know at some point in my life I learned to dress practically. Put on a coat when its cold, put on some shoes  to go outside– those little things Momma or aunt Betty or Grandma taught you.  And then I became an adult. I’d be the first to admit that practicality fights to be a part of the equations as it pales compared to style, what’s ‘haute’ and what makes me happy. Thankfully however my cheetah trench coat answers all parts of the equation. Stylish, haute AND practical since there is still a slight chill in the air. Added to that, trench coats make dressing so easy as a plain t-shirt and denim ensemble becomes a chic outfit with the right trench.  I’ve linked to eight pretty snazzy trench coats that I have my eye on!


In the trenches:



Do you have a favorite spring trench coat?


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