Dressing with confidence

The best attire we could  ever have is self confidence.  I wasn’t always as confident as I am now. Definitely not in high school, maybe a smidgen in college depending on the situation. Thinking back, I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment my confident switch flipped on so that I could share the formula. What I do know however, is that today  I firmly believe that I can do all things through Christ. That’s not just a scripture to me or something that I say — it’s the core of my belief system. This then translates to everything that I do. Even when I drove  a beat up car – I stepped out of it as if it was a luxury sedan. Whenever I’d put an outfit together that wasn’t quite right Id tell my daughter, ” it’s OK, I’ll just rock it.”  Even in simple jeans, sneakers and a tee your attitude plays a big role.


For this look I paired this simple Chelsea & Violet Drop Armhole Tank I scored at Dillards with these super comfy jeans from American Eagle. I sized up to account for my thighs and such (insert emoji of choice) Then I added my side kick my white converse.  Nordstrom Rack is currently having a sale on just about all converse and vans! And of course I had to toss in this necklace from Nordstrom Rack and my Michael Kors cross body. I’ve linked to similar pieces below!

Converse Choices: Option 1    Option 2   Option 3

American Eagle Jeans Choices:  Option 1   Option 2

White Top Choices: Option 1    Option 2   Option 3   Option 4    Option 5





When you add a confident swagger to an outfit you define it and mismatched or different then becomes ‘haute’. After all, whoever said dresses and pants were a don’t and gingham away from the picnic table was a don’t? Today those are the norm!! We don’t have to wait on the fashion pundits to tell us what’s in or what’s a do.  Just do you!!  So when I get  dressed, confidence is always there. I never take her off!!!

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