3 times summer fashion got dressed in winter

Have you ever had a Tim Gunn make it work moment??? Well I had one just recently.my husband said to me, “oh by the way we have a party to go to tomorrow and the colors are blue and silver. And it’s formal.” We have what????  I couldn’t do anything else but laugh as he could have told me the day of right? Soooo for my make it work moment I took my navy Chi Chi London princess dress that I purchased from ASOS this past summer and winterized it. I’m also sharing 2 other ways that I’ve “winterized” my summer clothes.

Taking summer dressy in winter

I paired this Chi Chi London dress with a lace top under it to make it more appropriate for a winter function.

Summer goes to the office in winter
This Evan Picone dress can be worn with shrug over it or a shirt under it to take it into winter or even Spring.

Summer goes on a date in winter
I added a black top under this lace racer back with my Ann Taylor skirt as well as some booties to make it winter appropriate.

Have you had a fashion make it work moment? Do tell!!!

Here are some shopping options

Option 1: Chi Chi London Dress  Option 2: Chi Chi London Dress   Option 3: Chi Chi London

Option 1: Kasper Dress       Option 2: Eliza J Dress     Option 3: Ted Baker Dress

Option 1: Eva Mendes Skirt  Option 2: Ann Taylor Skirt  Option 3: Prada Skirt

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