5 of my favorite shoes and their designers

I have a thing for clothes, handbags are okay too. But shoes? Those I simply adore. Especially high heels. They just have a way of adding a little oomph to an otherwise simple outfit. Recently my husband reminded me of how I used to wear heels to go grocery shopping. Nope, this was not a grocery run after work but a planned trip in heels.  I’ve really learned to tame my penchant for heels but they are sill my favorite shoes to wear. Today I share some of my favorite shoes and the designers that make them happen. Though to be perfectly honest if I could I’d go red soles all the way. But that’s a whole different blog.

Sam Edelman

I was on a strict budget. Matter of fact I stay on a budget. But when I bought my favorite Sam Eddelman shoes they were a birthday gift to myself. Sam makes really beautiful shoes. I’ve had these for several years now and they are still one of my favorite shoes!  A gift that keeps on giving.

Charles David

I remember buying a pair of electric blue Carlos Santana shoes a half size too small because that’s all they had I and just had to have them. They were so sexy on my feet. Since then I’ve passed them on to my daughter and these Charles David look a likes have filled that hole.

Joes Jeans

I had been eyeing these nude shoes for a while. The moment I saw them on sale I snatched them up. The best thing about them however are how comfortable they are even after a night on your feet. Cute plus comfortable with shoes equates to winning!

Jessica Simpson

I typically stay away from Jessica Simpson shoes. In the past the few times I’d  bought them they had hurt my feet. These blue beauties however were a gift from a friend. They are oh so sexy and the color…did I mention the color? Annnnnnnd they are comfortable. What??? I can’t ignore Jessica Simpson any more!!

Christian Louboutin

A criteria for my shoes is they must speak to me. The Louboutin red sole already has its own language but this particular pair sings in alto, soprano and contralto!!! Haute haute haute. I wore them the very next day after I purchased them.

Here are some selections from these designers that I have my eyes on

Sam Edelman   Charles David  Joes Jeans   Jessica Simpson   Jessica Simpson  Christian Louboutin

Do you have any go to designers for shoes? Do share in the comments!

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