Freedom beyond fashion and beauty

Francesca Battistelli sings the song…

“…but perfection is my enemy
And on my own I’m so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I’m free to be me…”

Such an awesome reminder when we have God in control. Being free isn’t about what clothes you wear, what shoes are on your feet, or what size you are. Freedom starts within the innermost part of our soul where we heal our self doubt and insecurities. It’s knowing who’s fighting for you. It’s when you…fight for “you.” Its about self awareness, self acceptance and self love. Often times it takes daily affirmation reminding yourself that you’re beautiful, that you’re strong, that you’re smart, that you’re funny, that you’re _________ (fill in your blank)

This is how I feel today as I grab this week by the horns and my Nike Free 5.0! I intended to write about my sneakers. But instead I am reminding myself that I’m free…

Free to skip…jump…run

Free to laugh with abandon…

Free to love hard…

Free to live life fully.

Free to be me.

Free to invest in me,

Free to take care of me,

Free to believe in me,

Free to love me — all of me.

I am jump starting my week with a great workout in my Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5. Last week I slacked off on the stay healthy front. I aim to fix that this week.

You can get these or similar sneakers at the Nike store or find them on sale at Finish Line !

Are you free? What are you doing this week to be free?

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