Spotted: Stripes.

2-11-5 The world is such a cruel place full of teases! One minute the sun is out. The next minute, it’s hiding. One minute I’m laying out by the pool. The next minute, I’m huddled up by the fire. It’s like one foot is in Summer, and the other foot is STILL in Winter. Can we not get it together!? Instead of dwelling on the world’s confusion, I figure I would take the little bit of sun rays we have received and enjoy them.

This long sleeve off the shoulder striped blouse is great for a day like this.(similar styles linked below) The sleeves also have a great flow-y vibe. It says, “I’m showing a little skin to bask in the sun, while remaining covered just in case it does not last long.” I paired it with a chunky staple necklace that dresses it up a bit more, for those days that turn into a night out on the town.

Because there’s a lot going on up top, I decided to keep the bottom a little simple. A nice faded pair of jeans with slight rips in the knees and my all time favorite chunky, yet sleek, Steve Madden heels complete this chic look perfectly.

The great thing about this look is that you can dress it up or dress it down to fit your personal style <3

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