My stylish valentine

ASOS – pink dress    ASOS- alternate pink dress Dillards – black oxfords    Zara – alternate black and white blouse   BCBG – red shoes BCBG – black shoes  Gracia – alternate black dress

“Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow flow, straight to my lovers heart…” I am actually singing this as I type because I love, love. Though every day we should be showing our loved ones how much they mean to us  Valentine’s day is an opportunity to really be intentional about showing that love. ANDDDD if you’re like me you’re already trying to find the perfect outfit. Truth be told I picked out the perfect outfit December 21st…yes, I know the exact date because I sent a picture of it to a friend. Of course she said I’d probably have a whole new outfit by Valentine’s day! She may have been right!!!  So while I’m still trying to find that perfect outfit  I’ll share my ideas with you.

Although I love the color red, for Valentines Day I typically go with a just a sliver of red instead of all out red since it would already be everywhere!! So whether you’re going on a romantic date, out with girlfriends or you just want to look cute – you never know who’s watching right  – take a look at some outfit ideas.

This pink flirty ASOS dress  is now on SALE and can be paired with these nude to die for Sam Edelman heels or find rose pink or even silver shoes in your closet. Or for a more casual look balance the feminine pink frills with black oxfords on sale at Dillards now! Or here’s an alternate.

I must confess I may have a slight obsession with black and white and mixing prints. Here are a couple options that you can draw inspiration from. I also like to mix hard and soft details. Girly pink with rocker chic boots. This particular blouse was from theLimited but since they are no longer in business (tear). Here are alternates from Zara’s , White House Black Market, and another.  For skirt options this ChicWish skirt is gorgeous and on sale! Or this ASOS skirt is also on sale! And try Dillard’s for a cute affordable pants option.  You can get these BCBG red shoes on sale or try these Marc Fisher shoes or BCBG shoes.

And of course there is always that fail safe little black dress. I’m particularly fond of any and all things Gracia and this dress is no exception. The leather waist and cuff detail are so sexy. Here is one option here as well as an alternate. And of course if you want a low key, casual look for Valentines day the black and while leather jacket outfit is perffffff! Jacket options are at ASOS here or from Macys here

Frank Sinatra sang “my funny valentine…you’re my favorite work of art,” and though I know he was not talking about the physical I’d love to hear….”my stylish valentine….you’re my favorite work of art!”

If you need any more details on these outfits do leave us a comment! What are you wearing for Valentines Day?

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